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No matter how talented you are, even the biggest football star started out learning the game from a coach. While there are certainly folks who can get by on raw skill, a high-quality football coach is instrumental in enabling the developmental progress of every footballer, from the greatest to the most middling. Here at Pro Academy Trials, we provide high-quality football coaching to people of all ages, aims, and skill levels. Situated in the local area, our primary objective is to equip players with the skills and knowledge to get to the next level of play. For more information, contact us through our booking form.

Trained staff

Our expert staff are always on hand to offer advice and help you achieve your sporting goals. Each trainer offers specialist skills to cater to the needs of all our members, from young children practising for team sports to older athletes wanting to fine-tune their sporting activity. Why not try out one of our community classes? You’ll get to meet some of our friendly, motivational trainers, as well as learning new skills.

Our core values

The success of a football prospect is first and foremost driven by their desire to improve and their natural abilities, but it would be foolish to discount the role that a coach plays in a player’s success. Because of this, it’s important to have coaches who know what they’re doing and can bring out the best in everyone. With our zeal for the game, as well as our keen grasp of maximising talent, we ’re confident that we can take your game to the next level, whether that’s joining a team or just being a little better kicking the ball around with your friends.


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